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December 2nd  Variou Artists '100' - digital download only release - Rocket Girl 
To celebrate the label’s one hundredth release, Rocket Girl is offering fans new and old a special, keenly-priced sixteen-track digital download compilation showcasing highlights – and previously unreleased tracks – from the current roster: Eat Lights Become Lights, Füxa, God is an Astronaut, Pieter Nooten, Jacques Caramac & the Sweet Generation, Jon DeRosa, Anthony Reynolds and White Ring.


November 18th  The Monks Kitchen - “Music from the Monks Kitchen…” cd/lp/dd – WonderfulSound Records 
Hermit-like probably describes them most acutely, melancholy and weathered and bearded also. Yet musically, these traits somehow intertwine with a refined, textured, close-to-nature, autumnal vibe – these three monks are harmoniously disheveled in both character and verse. This record is subtle and strange and requires some degree of immersion from the listener. Nonetheless it contains both epic soundscape moments juxtaposed with home recorded campfire ditties. There’s poetry, harmony, twelve strings, autoharps, pianos and xylophones a-plenty, along with a distinct lack of choruses, no clear lead singer and half the tracks being instrumental. The only tangible thread throughout is that you have no clue what form of conjured beauty or dark rambling wonderment will follow. What you do know is that it will be harmonious, dishevelled and probably another five years before you hear a peep from these reclusive folksters again.

November 18th Christian Kjellvander - 'The Pitcher' cd/lp/dd – Tapete Records
his fifth solo record since the 2002 debut "Songs From A Two-Room Chapel". Recorded in an old church on the Swedish countryside this massive piece of work is perhaps his most elegant and well-crafted album to date.

November 18th Magik Markers 'Surrender To The Fantasy' cd/lp/dd - Drag City
Harlan Howard said country music was three chords and the truth, Colin Harper said Mahavishnu Orchestra was 403 chords and the truth. Here we say Magik Markers are no chords and the truth - but to tell the truth, there are some chords, because just as them Markers never change, they always change, because change is Magik! And if you believe in Magik, then you'll Surrender To The Fantasy. 

November 18th  Original Picture Soundtrack  'The Witchfinder General' - Composed by Paul Ferris - cd/lp - de Wolfe
This is the 5th album in the de Wolfe ‘commercial’ series, which contains the long lost soundtrack music from without doubt the most infamous and highly rated Vincent Price horror movie, ‘Witchfinder General’, composed by cult producer Paul Ferris (The Blood Beast Terror/the Sorcerers/The Creeping Flesh). With a haunting and melancholy British folk feel, the ‘Witchfinder’ music sits nicely alongside the other two holy-grail ‘Horror-Folk’ soundtracks, namely ‘The Wicker Man’ and ‘Blood On Satan’s Claw’ and is considered by many to be the missing piece of the British cult OST puzzle which most believed would never be solved, after an absence of 42 years! 

November 11th Chris Morphitis - ‘Where To Go’ cd/lp/dd - Village Green
Composer, guitarist and producer Chris Morphitis' debut album merges his love of Zimbabwean and Greek music with his intuitive passion for experimentalism. Known for performing with and producing bands that reworks traditional folk music including MOBO nominated "Best African Act" The Owiny Sigoma Band and Greek Psyche band Mavrika.

November 11th Kristofer Åström – 'An Introduction to...' cd/lp/dd – Tapete Records 
Kristofer Åström is Sweden’s most creative, diverse and inspirational singer/songwriter. With a career spanning a decade and a half of rock, pop, punk, folk and country, always with personal, melancholic and interesting stories as the glue that holds his musical matchstick house together.

November 4th Maria Taylor 'Something About Knowing' cd/lp/dd - Saddle Creek 
Whilst Maria has already gained widespread recognition as one-half of the dream-pop duo Azure Ray, released four solo albums and collaborated with Conor Oberst (Bright Eyes), Michael Stipe (REM), Jim Eno (Spoon) and Moby, her prolific career has only scratched the surface of what the Alabama based artist has to say. 'Something About Knowing' is the critically acclaimed artist's most assured record to date - celebrating her folk, pop and electronic lineages with the casual grace and confident ease.

November 4th  Dan Haywood - 'Dapple' - cd/lp/dd  - Southern Bird Records
Dan Haywood is a songwriter and ornithologist based in Lancashire, England, where Dapple was recorded at various locations in the Forest of Bowland. His reputation as a storyteller and performer of the highest distinction is gathering steam on the back of a string of choice shows with fellow sonic nomads including Josephine Foster, Michael Hurley and The Tallest Man on Earth.

October 28th  Ulrich Schnauss & Mark Peters 'Tomorrow Is Another Day' CD / LP /DD  - Bureau B
Electronic duo Ulrich Schnauss (A Long Way to Fall, A Strangely Isolated Place) and Mark Peters (of the band Engineers) return with a second collaborative album . This second project offers a sublime exploration into their signature expressionistic landscapes while exploring the potential of a collaborative model in which Schnauss’s keyboards and Peters’s guitar work together in juxtaposition. With neither musical style overpowering the other, the effect is that of two equally masterful voices in coherent conversation, celebrating the dynamic nature of instrumental combination and exploring a new method of creative approach - one that allows for concurrence and dissent, in turn.

October 21st Clara Hill - ' Walk The Distance' - CD/LP/DD Tapete Records 
After a four-year break from recording, Clara Hill returns with her fourth album. The result is not a pursuit of a smoothly produced record, but about open experimentation, authenticity and the free development of ideas. Clara created song sketches on her own at home leaving room for experimentation in the studio. The result is enchanting, magical and sometimes even hallucinogenic, in some places intimate, otherworldly in others – Clara Hill undergoes this journey through abstract soundscapes, thus newly challenging both her audience and herself. Featuring contributions form Hanno Leichtmann, Schneider TM and Thomas Bücker (Bersarin Quartett) 

October 14th Littlebow - 'Pi Magpie' CD/LP/DD - Second Language 
London-based duo of multi-instrumentalists Katie English and Keiron Phelan, first broke ground in 2011 with their debut album The Edge Blown Aerophone – its title an explicit reference to the varied flutes and woodwinds which characterized the record, alongside vestigial flavours of classical minimalism, Krautrock and a soupcon of esoteric, pastoral prog-rock. Having established their template, Pi Magpie sees littlebow expanding their brief considerably – their signature flutes now part of a broader sonic palate in which tremulous keyboards, spidery guitars, cyclical drums and sonorous Eastern percussion ebb and flow with equal consequence.

October 14th Chin of Britain - 'Chin of Britain' cd/dd - Waltztime Records
Since the squat-rock Camden lurch days of 'Milk' and the skewed Hackney krautrock of 'Quickspace', through to the smooth melodic shadows of Walthamstow's 'Dark Captain', Chin Keeler has been in the background, hiding behind the drums and the grooves. Now he has stepped into the light for his solo project 'Chin of Britain', revealing songs and ideas that have been gestating for some years. Self-recorded on an out-of-date mini-mac, with few recording skills and little equipment, the resulting album is an example of what you can make out of f**k all. No recording studio, no band, no problem. Chin channels all the imaginary members of the band and plays all the roles.The debut album 'Chin of Britain' takes inspiration and influence from all of god's great genres, ploughing its own idiosyncratic furrow through blistering fields of noise and melody. The songs reel you in with pop hooks and driving grooves then swiftly slather you in heavy layers of guitar and choral vocals. There is lyrical honesty and vivid imagery in abundance, leading you on a journey to hidden and unexpected destinations. It's nothing less than a mind-expanding cosmic guitar journey.

October 14th The Grand Opening 'Don’t Look Back Into The Darkness' cd/lp/dd - Tapete Records
Do you have to be Swedish to cast such deep melancholy in music so accurately and so beautifully? The one-man project The Grand Opening by the Stockholm multi-instrumentalist John Roger Olsson proves impressively on his fourth album that he is rightly counted among the finest representatives of this art.

October 7th Sunray 'Full Circle' cd/lp/dd lp - Enraptured
Kicking off with the 11-minute cosmic grind of ‘Here To Go’ and the driving instrumental ‘Revelation’, side one of SUNRAY’s new LP ‘Full Circle’ obviously owes a debt to Krautrock innovators such as La Dusseldorf and Neu! The recent single ‘Take Me There’, brings the band back into more familiar territory. The track’s delicious psych-pop utilises a swaggering bassline and West Coast harmonies, before bringing the first side to a close on a sea of distorted guitars and a droning sitar groove. Side two is a more eclectic affair, exploring everything from pastoral folk, best heard on the gorgeous ‘Golden Dawn’, a reworking of Jeffrey Lee Pierce’s ‘Zona Rose’, and the obviously Velvets-influenced ‘Thru The Night’. Featuring, for the first time, vocalist Sophie Ray plus string section, the album is a testimony to how much SUNRAY’s sound has evolved since their last LP in 2007. 

September 30th Doug Tielli 'Keresley' cd/lp/dd - Tin Angel
Hints of African high life, British folk, free-improvisation, Brazilian spirituals and blue eyed soul gracefully come together in Doug Tielli's second release, 'Keresley'; a wide spray of textures, dynamics and styles and feels unified by Doug’s fluid voice and musicianship. Voice, guitar, percussion and brass don't just outline a melody, they resonate as one with grace and simplicity. Doug Tielli has made a very a human record, one that speaks of a love of the landscape and those who walk upon it. Tielli has also released 'Swan Sky Sea Squirrel' on Tin Angel Records in 2012. A native of Toronto Tielli was a founding member of The Silt, Drumheller, and The Reveries.The album features drums and percussion by Euan Rodger (Little Annie/Devon Sproule) and bass by Joe Carvel (Baby Dee/Batsch).

September 30th Schneider TM 'Guitar Sounds' CD / LP (180g) + CD / DSD - Bureau B
Dirk Dresselhaus a.k.a. Schneider TM turned building site noise into music on “Construction Sounds”, the album which preceded “Guitar Sounds”. On his latest offering, he explores the full potential of the electric guitar and an array of effects. Unleashed, the guitar sound takes on its own lease of life, in the spirit of generative music. At the decisive moment, Dresselhaus reins it back; creating an energy field between tension and relief, harmony and disharmony, control and loss of control, construction and deconstruction, positivity and negativity, sobriety and humour. Or to use a more striking image: surf sound dualism.

September 16th Bill Callahan 'Dream River' cd/lp/dd - Drag City
Cabin crew, prepare for landing!  Gliding through low altitudes, Bill Callahan has set his sites on the runway. It is 2013 and he's ready to land again, with a full cargo for the people down below on earth: 'Dream River,' set for September 17 release on Drag City. Recorded at Cacophony, TX, earlier this year, 'Dream River' features eight performances that are easily the most sensual and soulful of Callahan's career. Whether flying home in a small plane, drinking with the sleeping inhabitants of a hotel for company, painting boats for the summer or flying towards the sea along the path of the dream river without the aid of any craft, Bill Callahan is speaking to us in a voice - that "gorgeous thing" (New Yorker) - that belongs to him and only him. 'Dream River' follows 2011's 'Apocalypse,' which prompted the New York Times to call Callahan "one of our best lyricists." Callahan will tour extensively this fall. Stay tuned for dates and more information on 'Dream River.'

September 16th  God Is An Astronaut cd/lp/dd - Rocket Girl Records 
God is an Astronaut’s seventh full-length album, Origins, is their first as a five-piece and cements their place as one of the world’s most intense, musically- and visually-inventive post rock bands. Renowned for their searing live shows in which the music is married with provocative projected imagery, GIAA consider each of their albums to be a sonic ‘photograph or snapshot of who we are in that moment of time’ and Origins is perhaps their most saturated, striking snapshot to date.

September 9th Angele David-Guillou - 'Kourouma' cd/lp/dd - Village Green

Solo debut album from French composer, singer/songwriter Angele David-Guillou (Klima / Piano Magic). A collection of intimate and reflective minimalist piano based compositions channeling references of Debussy, Chopin and Erik Satie. For fans of Gonzales, Yann Tiersen and Dustin O’Halloran

August 26th  FUXA 'Dirty D' cd/lp/dd - Rocket Girl
Comprising a sixteen-strong army of collaborators, Füxa’s tenth full-length album, Dirty D, is at once a sonic celebration of creativity, and a rapturous denunciation of some of the demons of modern society. Following on swiftly from 2012’s Electric Sound of Summer Dirty D is a characteristically euphoric record – a largely electronic set which shifts from solarised hysteria (‘Sun is Shining’) to crepuscular elegance (‘Razzamatazz’) 

August 19th - Adrian Corker 'Raise' cd/lp/dd - Village Green 
 With a background in electronic music Corker, alongside early collaborator Paul Conboy, started out experimenting with samplers and varied live instrumentation in Manchester in the 90's, recording under several different aliases. A parallel career developed writing film scores, culminating in recordings with the Nuremburg Symphony Orchestra for Berlin director/cinematographer Florian Hoffmeister’s Three Degrees Colder. More recently Corker has written the music to The Way of the Morris, a feature documentary about arcane British folk ritual, the soundtrack was released by Trunk offshoot OST and voted top 3 ‘Soundtrack Release of the Year’ by Mojo Magazine. He has also just completed the score for the BBC period drama The Village. Finally an ongoing new project curated alongside Paul Stolper is’ The Silence Between: A Series of Exhibitions Concerning Sound’, a twelve-month series of shows and installations which invites artists, including Jem Finer, Chris Watson, Rie Nakajima and Richard Skelton to use the silence between the main exhibitions as a starting point for exploring sound. From Corker’s solo piano pieces that bookend this album, to tracks such as ‘Raise pt 2’ and ‘Shifting Sands’, which feature collaborations with musicians including the Elysian Quartet,Lucy Railton and trombonist Helgi Jonsson, each track grew from a set of different improvised interactions.

August 19th Ty Segall - Sleeper cd/lp/dd
It was a dark and stormy north coast night. On the horizon was the shadow of the Sleeper , his technicolor presence stretched across the land for all of the black and white world soon to see! The Ty Segall expedition gets farther and farther out with each and every record. And to every record, a tour – or three of four. For Ty, coming down off the Twins trip seemed like twice as far as it ever had been. He was a changed man, made different in the days between then and now, with more changes and big jumps dead ahead. Earlier this year, before checking out of his SF Mission digs and heading down the coast for a new way of living, Ty fired up his machines, hit play and wrung a last helping of blood from his rock, creating a new set of songs. Between two minds, between two places, on beyond Twins, Sleeper envisions a world of haves and have-nots. Sleeper is Ty-fi, for sure, engineered at home from beginning to end, the ultimate sonics accessed with a freak hand and an instinct for what makes a moment shine. Sleeper flows more colors than ever before through your mind’s eye, pushing the walls of the universe out just a micron further, making everything heavier and lighter all at once, to allow time to beam infinitely forever. But that was then - the date of revelation draws closer! Now can the true nature of Sleeper be seen! It stands before you, blending almost into the fleshly pattern of it's host, brandished as if to say, "Let Your Hair Grow! Be What You Be!"

July 29th - Kevin Tihista's Red Terror - 'Modern Standard' cd/lp/dd - Broken Horse

'The idea was to make it as close to a greatest hits sounding record as possible. Sort of like the way "A Different Kind Of Tension" by Buzzcocks feels to me. Even "Meat Is Murder" has that feel to me. Just one great song after another. That was the idea. Whether or not that has been achieved remains to be seen. I really can’t take any credit for the song selection or sequencing. Thats all Alun at Broken Horse. Blame him! I will say that this is by far my favorite record, and a lot of it is because Alun did such a great job putting it together. He has a knack for that sort of thing. Not one complaint from me. And that’s saying a LOT!'

July 22nd - The Cairo Gang - 'Tiny Rebels' cd/lp/dd - Empty Celler Records
'Tiny Rebels' is a new collection of songs by The Cairo Gang. they are about awareness. They show a new economy in the work of The Cairo Gang's leader Emmett Kelly, conjuring up quick and defined songs un-housed in the shimmering of two burning electric 12-string guitars. the sound of them a swirling desert night sky under which songs call to arms multiple voices that long to be freed from the contraints of song. to be re-blooded in a frenzy of hard hitting drums and bass. all the while set against a wild array of compressed overtones that jangle by the hand of Kelly's inversly delicate touch. Recorded in a week, its an epiphany of sorts. its the boiling point that which Kelly surrendered to in one sense, but obliterated in another. the songs are empowering leaps of faith. The Cairo Gang has armed itself well on this record. turn it up loud and let it wash over you like an ocean.. 
Download links available on request

July 15th - Eat Lights Become Lights 'Modular Living' cd/lp/dd - Rocket Girl
Using analogue and software synths alongside traditional guitar, bass and drums, Neil Rudd painstakingly constructs an ever-evolving synthetic landscape of harmony and melody, feedback and drones but always underpinned with driving, insistent motorik percussion. “ELBL mix Krautrock rhythms and celestial drones to heavenly effect” - NME

July 8th - Data 70 - Space Loops ; The Complete Sessions' cd/dd - Enraptured Records
Over the past 12 years, Jon Chambers and Bob Bhamra have created 50 miniature electronic space loops as DATA 70. Previously only available as a much loved series of limited edition 7” vinyl’s, totalling three volumes. The Complete Sessions brings this collection all together for the first time.

July 1st - Roedelius/Schneider - 'Tiden' cd/lp/dd - Bureau B 
It did not take long after Hans-Joachim Roedelius (Cluster, Harmonia) and Stefan Schneider (To Rococo Rot, Kreidler, Mapstation) had released their first album “Stunden”, accompanied by a few live shows in 2011, Eric Satie and Brian Eno were quoted as the great inspiration for their musical collaboration. Fine references no doubt, one having invented musique d'ameublement,  and the other having refined it into ambient music 80 years later. Yet “Tiden” does not sit easily in either camp. This is neither tasteful decor (. la Satie), nor is it electronic-auditory space filler (. la Eno), gazing towards infinity. The short duration of the 13 pieces is enough to discount either genre. Better to consider these as concentrated, inspired etudes, carefully thought through and in no way random or sketchy.

June 24th - Jack Beauregard 'Irrational' cd/lp/dd  – Tapete Records
The entire album travels through time, exploring the styles of the last, say, 50 years: The Gaussian blur of Simon and Garfunkel, the rhythmic framework of "Rockit" era Herbie Hancock, the nursery rhyme melodies of Robert Palmer and Nik Kershaw, the magic of great pop albums from "Rumours" to "Thriller" to "Alphabetical". All of that shines through the music like the sun through the parchment. Yet there is never a fence-post in sight: Jack Beauregard have internalized their heroes far too much to be eclectic. 

May 20th - Scout Niblett - 'It's Up To Emma'  DC532 LP/CD – Drag City
Over the course of 46 minutes and nine songs, It's Up To Emma simmers,storms and cascades through an a-linear tale of domestic emotional crises, all of which are immaculately rendered in Scout's distinctive songwriting style. The dark news that the record brings is good news for Scout's fans, who look to her to get under the skin and, as if in a trance, live through these songs in an attempt to get everyone a bit of clarity. Download links available on request

May 13th - Colleen 'The Weighing of the Heart' cd/lp/dd - Second Language
Celebrating a decade since Everyone Alive Wants Answers, her 2003 long-playing debut, The Weighing of the Heart finds the revivified Colleen inhabiting a refreshing, incandescent new musical landscape, filled with plucked bass and treble violas de gamba and the more orthodox sounds of classical guitar, clarinet, piano and organ, while minimal drum kit, frame drum, toy gamelan and various bells and maracas add their percussive colours. The album’s 11 finely wrought essays are influenced as much by the output of mavericks such as Arthur Russell, Moondog and Brigitte Fontaine as by the traditions of Central Asia, Indonesia, South America and, most important of all, Africa with its wealth of kora and guitar music and percussion. Yet the result sounds utterly unique – an absorbing fusion of the delicately spun and the rhythmically persuasive, embracing a pastoralism that is both lyrical yet rooted to the earth; at once hazily baroque yet accessible and universal. Download links available on request

May 13th - Hero & Leander 'Tumble' cd/lp/dd - 
Tapete Records 
Pop music should be honest, should have melodies that linger, and lyrics that don’t read like bad poems. Hero & Leander try to follow these rules, and it seems to be working. The band has attracted comparisons to Belle and Sebastian, Squeeze, Camera Obscura, The xx and Arcade Fire. Their lyrics range in topic from philosophy to snogging, particle accelerators to police tactics, beauty to life being a pain in the rump.ccelerators to police tactics, beauty to life being a pain in the rump. 

May 6th - V.O. – 'On Rapids' cd/lp/dd - Humpty Dumpty Records
Brussels-based sextet led by multi-instrumentalist Boris Gronemberger (ex-Françoiz Breut, ex-Raymondo) recorded and mixed by the legendary John McEntire at his Soma Studio in Chicago. Driven by punctuating horn accents, a subtle drum play and a characteristic vocal signature, these eleven songs evolve in contrasted rhythmic patterns and flirt with the harmonic vertigo, never taking the simplistic path. Yet, these elaborate compositions remain purely pop and luminous, echoing Robert Wyatt, Brian Wilson or Jim O’Rourke. Download links available on request

April 29th - Pieter Nooten ‘Haven’ Dbl cd/dd - Rocket Girl
Third in a series of solo-releases composed and mixed entirely on the Mac Book Pro. Obliged to disregard the frills of most hi-end ambient/neo-classical productions ’Haven’ is nevertheless one of the most authentic and exemplary sounding cds you will hear all year. Sketching an introspective and deeply poetic musical world of heart-wrenching beauty, it has the true mark of the contiguous quality and style we have learned to appreciate from Nooten’s previous releases all the way back to his ‘Clan Of Xymox’ days.

April 15th - SØLYST - “Lead” cd/lp/dd - Bureau B
After over 16 years as Kreidler drummer and a number of other guest appearances, Thomas Klein now presents his second solo album under the name SØLYST. "Lead" is a hypnotic journey into the heart of darkness. Foreboding synth patterns, menacing bass lines, driving drum figures, cavernous percussion effects: SØLYST delves into new depths with his "Tribal Kraut Dub".

April 15th - David Grubbs - “The Plain Where the Palace Stood” cd/lp/dd - Drag City
David Grubbs is one of the most influential musicians of his generation: a legacy that includes such bands as Squirrel Bait, Bastro and Gastr del Sol, experimental projects (including duo recordings with Mats Gustafsson, Nikos Veliotis, and Loren Connors, not to mention the entire catalog of his Blue Chopsticks label). This is the sixth album of songs and finds David once again twining together the diverse strands of his vast interests; idiosyncratic yet exceptionally unhurried arrangements. The album as whole flows—breathes—effortlessly alongside the most critically acclaimed releases of his great catalog. It's 2013 and this is David Grubbs: Punkademic Godfather.

March 25th  - Transept 'Buff As F**k' cd/lp/dd - Dronehenge Recordings
Mixed with Luke Abbott and mastered by Rashad Becker, Buff as F**k opens with an old Yamaha keyboard playing through a rattling crystal inside a stone bowl on the 15-minute pseudo-raga of Happysburgh. Next is a hollow, spiky re-rendering of make-believe elegy Sea Sentinel (from Transept's first album), the woozy scrapes of Lets Go and Supermoon Party Bucket and the handmade, stammering drone-march of Muscle Beach. The album closes with a euphonious laptop chamber orchestra on an uncanny, rippling version of Bright Eyes.Recorded in Norfolk at their studio in a former handbag factory, Buff as F**k is released with hand screen-printed covers on clear frosted vinyl as well as CD and download.

March 18th  - Purling Hiss – 'Water on Mars' cd/lp/dd' – Drag City

a tumble of hits and ragers, sewing together nine new Purling Hiss celebration laments out of their usual patches of distortion, singing melodies and unexpected production hoohah - but this time the unexpected part is how the guitars gleam so precisely as they pile upon each other, how they work alongside of the rhythm section rather than avalanching it. And how the songs embody a variety of Hiss-teric moods, from the gutbusting bellow of "Lolita" and "Face Down" through the acoustic flatline of "Dead Again," the aromatic slide guitars and piano within "She Calms Me Down," the anthemish surge of "Rat Race" and the wailing march-jam, "Water On Mars."

March 18th 2013  - Karl Bartos 'Off The Record' cd/lp/dd - Bureau B
Karl Bartos’ new album is an audio-visual sensation! Lost for many years, some of his early music has been reconceived and re-contextualised in a thrilling modern setting. Here’s the story: during Kraftwerk’s heyday Karl Bartos wrote – off the record – a secret acoustic diary. Based on his musical jottings – rhythms, riffs, hooks, sounds, chords and melodies – this is what he has come up with today: twelve brand new, exciting, timeless songs.

February 25th 2013  - Lloyd Cole & Hans Joachim Rodelius 'Selected Studies Vol.1' Bureau B 
However paradoxical it may sound, “Selected Studies Vol. 1” is reminiscent of the music of Claude Debussy, if electronic instrumentation had been available to him 120 years earlier. Highly impressionistic images flicker around the listener, airy, transparent, lost in time, each its own window on a bright, yet mysterious world. Far removed from kitsch, ambient and feel-good music, “Selected Studies Vol. 1” demands to be listened to attentively if the serious artistic expression of these two musicians / composers is to be appreciated fully. This opens up the album’s beauty and depth. Cole and Roedelius seek to present fantastic, aural topographies in opposition to the dullness of the real world, inviting us to enter a friendly labyrinth of constant surprise, a place one can still leave at any time, without fear of getting hopelessly lost.

February 11th  2013 - The Loved Drones – 'The Tangible Effect Of Love' cd/lp/dd - Freaksville Records
With their soaring, instrumental and metronomic pop, The Loved Drones music is made for robots who want to rattle their booty on the dance floor. After so many years spent accompanying others like Damo Suzuki, Stereolab and Laetitia Sadier, it seems that these accomplished musicians are now ready to emerge from the shadows and stand on their own two itchy feet led by Benjamin Schoos whose most recent solo album “China Man Vs China Girl” met with some notable success in the UK earlier this year. Very much a first in the history of the label, The Loved Drones have no singer. Yet “The Tangible Effect of Love” retains Freaksville’s ambition and objective to expand its empire from Liege to London via Berlin.

February 11th 2013  - Soft Hills 'Chromatisms' cd/lp/dd - Tapete Records
Formed in Seattle in 2007 by singer-songwriter Garrett Hobba. With an appreciation for experimentation and harmony, their songs draw from a wide range of influences from folk to psychedelic to ambient, drawing on literary influences, and incorporating experiences from dreams and visions. Compositionally, the band utilizes a diverse palette of colors, blending together reverbed guitars with moog textures, fuzzy riffs with mellotrons, lyrical bass lines against thunderous drums and delicate lapsteel weaving around vocals to create lush collages of sound. 

February 4th 2013  - Naked Lunch 'All Is Fever' cd/dd/lp - Tapete Records
Naked Lunch draw from the entire spectrum, without any regard for the boundaries between or definitions of indie music, European art song, ballad, pop, broken humanist anthems and electronically accompanied death-soul. They give each song what it needs, and as a result they are as accessible and affectionate as ever. It is music that dares to be beautiful. Important. Great. Courageous. Clever. Heart-wrenching. Forgetting and embracing the world simultaneously. No buts, no smart relativism, no pathetic irony. "Keep it hooray."

January 28th 2013 - Qluster - 'Lauschen' - cd / vinyl (180g) + cd / download - bureau b records 
Kluster (1969) metamorphosed into Cluster (1971) and Cluster became Qluster (2011). In a period spanning over 40 years, Hans-Joachim Roedelius was a driving force behind this unique transformation. Now, as Qluster, he has recorded together with Onnen Bock in the latest incarnation. Three albums already released document the current status of their musical journey to pastures new.“Lauschen” is not a studio album, but a live recording of a performance for which Roedelius and Bock invited world musician Armin Metz to join them on stage. Although Qluster sound completely different to Kluster or Cluster, one thing remains unchanged: the art of improvisation. 

January 21st 2013  - Alasdair Roberts & Friends 'A Wonder Working Stone' CD/2 x LP/DD - Drag City                                                                    
Alasdair's latest is by turns metaphysical, cosmological, phantasmagorical, topical, personal and universal. This is Alasdair's most ambitious, fully-realized work to date. A Wonder Working Stone continues Alasdair's long-standing love affair and deeply creative interaction with the traditional music of has native Scotland (and beyond), offering an idiosyncratic and nuanced radicalization of that tradition. Indeed, he questions the very notion of 'tradition' in the modern age, with songs addressing topics such as mortality (as ever), life, love, sex, faith and history. There is a meditation on loss - the losing of self, of the music of the nation? - that is belied and ultimately denied by the lively nature of the work. The arrangements of A Wonder Working Stone are dense with the music of friends, realizing the lifeblood of community, and throughout the album, they are presented with raucously cinematic flair. In the middle of it all, Roberts delivers his unique 'scordatura' finger style guitar and distinctive tenor vocals with the backing of a core group of among Glasgow's finest musicians - Ben Reynolds (electric guitar), Shane Connolly (drums), Rafe Fitzpatrick (fiddle, rap), Stevie Jones (bass) and with special guest vocals from Olivia Chaney, as well as appearances from many other fine players on strings, brass, flute and accordion, all of which edify and expand the musical world of Alasdair Roberts and all those friends who listen. A collection of new epics.


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November 19th 2012- Snow Palms ‘Intervals’ cd/dd - Village Green 
Initially conceived by composer David Sheppard (State River Widening, Ellis Island Sound, Phelan/Sheppard) as a vehicle for instrumental pieces based around xylophones, glockenspiels, vibraphones, metallophones and other mallet instruments. Having set about more than two dozen such essays inspired by everything from Moondog’s Elpmas marimba études to Arthur Lyman’s faux-Polynesian exotica and Carl Orff’s Schulwerk children’s music, Sheppard hooked up with producer/arranger Chris Leary (Ochre) to sort the wheat from the chaff, adding layers of chamber orchestration and discrete electronic textures to many of the intricate, polyrhythmic super-structures. The duo then expanded the arrangements to embrace woodwinds, a string quartet, classical and electric guitar, harmonium, reed organ, prepared piano, omnichord and synths.

November 19th 2012- Little Annie & Baby Dee ‘State Of Grace’ cd/lp/dd - Tin Angel Records
State Of Grace is a record that covers love, loss, leaving and the confusion of time. It features collaborations with such luminaries and modern mavericks as Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, Eric Chenaux , Chris Cundy (Guillamots, Cold Specks) and Jordan Hunt (Irrepresibles, Hidden Camera’s)Little Annie aka Annie Anxiety Bandez, is a smokey contralto, raconteur and restless spirit who has spent the last 30 years creating a body of work that would take much more space than available here to list. Baby Dee is an enchanting composer, performance artist, classically trained harpist, circus sideshow veteran, and transgender street legend.

November 12th 2012- Palais Schaumburg 'Palais Schaumburg'  2-CD / 2-LP (180g) + CD + Bonus 7"/DL  - Bureau B Records
The influential German band Palais Schaumburg has reunited in the classic lineup. Since its release in 1981, their debut album has remained in a league of its own: fleet-footed and peculiar, abstract and pop, amateurish and savvy, it showed real alternatives to the then-pervasive crude search for identity found in the "New German Wave". The band, which consisted entirely of divergent personalities, has reunited in this formation to rediscover their common ground, further develop, and to perform live. Their few recent live concerts in Berlin, Cologne, and Tokyo were met with rapturous reception – and not only from those in their own age group. In this post-sampling era, with the current, dynamic changes in the creation and reception of music, their statement has lost none of its fascination. Anyone who sees and hears the combination of idiosyncratic bass riffs (Blunck), bizarre yet catchy rhythms (Hertwig, Blunck), Fehlmann's shrill horn and synthesizer fanfares, and Hiller's seemingly atonal staccato guitar work and oblique lyrical conglomerates, will immediately comprehend the influence of this band.

November 5th 2012 - Jon DeRosa – ''A Wolf In Preacher's Clothes' - cd/lp/digital download - Rocket Girl
Influenced by vocal standards of the 1940's, teenage jukebox anthems of the 50's,and the mod and girl-group sounds of the 60's, Jon DeRosa combines them all to create a cocktail of song-driven atmospheric chamber pop. While these elements are unmistakably the "backbones, DeRosa's songs are most certainly fleshed out by his post-punk past, as  nods to artists like Echo & The Bunnymen, Lou Reed, The Chameleons and Robert Wyatt peak through the orchestral sections at every turn. 

October 8th 2012- Ty Segall 'Twins' cd/lp/dd - Drag City
How does time work anyway? Did you know that 2008 is as much yesterday as yesterday is? 2008, that was when it began – a sweat young thing boiling up out of the mythical swamps of ooze and grooves. Ty Segall was just getting started, his need to rock was ordering itself into existence. Now it’s just four years later, a mereness in terms of evolution, and already, there are singles everywhere, plus a couple comps, a    live album and mostly, five swinging, smashing studio albums paving the way for this modern superhighway you’re gonna call Twins! Ty’s a dog, he can’t walk backwards and go back and be the manimal who made those old records. That’s why we thank the gods of pressings plants and sleeve fabricating facilities for preserving those revolutions. Now today, today is where the energy is. The monster energies of Twins do not recall Melted anymore than they take the trips of Goodbye Bread all over again. The Lemons-ade is all drunk down. Ty Segall is a new man, a different kind of man from his knuck-draggin’ earlier incarnations. It’s like the 2001: A Space Odyssey -monolith came to visit him (on the set) one bright morning. And now he’s jetting toward Jupiter, brooding, looking at man with x-ray eyes, yearning with a superhuman heart for a love to come and stay.

October 8th 2012 - Kreidler 'Den' cd/lp/dd - Bureau B 
Displaying an inspired beauty that is perhaps reminiscent of Eno during those periods in which he was interested in songwriting. Pan-Asian counter-melodies interplay around the stoic but light architecture, a mysterious painting, spanning a vast emotional arc between it's dark beginnings and the possibility of a conciliatory resolution. The heavily grooving finds an utterly mesmerized Alex Paulick on guitar – just how many chord changes does Andreas Reihse get through? But one nice aspect of Kreidler is that those kinds of things hardly matter. Kreidler never burden the listener with strict didacticism. Everything flows naturally. 

October 1st 2012- Schneider TM 'Construction Sounds' cd/lp/dd - Bureau B
This is what results when a delicate musician has to live amidst Berlin's construction noise for seven years, during the time when the former working class district of Prenzlauer Berg was transformed into a neighborhood for higher-income earners. With his latest album "Construction Sounds" Dirk Dresselhaus aka Schneider TM processes that time, when he was surrounded by constant clatter, noise, sawing, drilling, hammering, chipping, etc.

September 24th 2012 - Pollens 'Brighten & Break' cd/lp/dd
Pollens spent the month of August 2011 in the studio with Charlie Smith (Throw Me the Statue) recording Brighten & Break, their full-length debut. The recording is lush, organic, infectious and features appearances by Morgan Henderson (Fleet Foxes, Blood Brothers) and Paris Hurely (Kultur Shock). The album features 11 new tracks about death, habituation, adventuring and different kinds of love.

September 17th 2012 - The Late Call  'Pale Morning Light' cd/lp/dd – Tapete Records 
Johannes Mayer delves deep into his own world of sound. The songs here place their focus on the creation of expressive sonic pictures, on rhythm and on narrative texts. The new album is more experimental than the previous two: LEAVING NOTES and YOU ALREADY HAVE A HOME. The songs often have complex structures, they change their character, they are alive and full of little details to be discovered. What remains, however, is the love of melody found on the earlier albums, which invited comparisons to bands like Kings of Convenience, Tunng, John Martyn or James Yorkston and M. Ward.

September 10th 2012 - Azure Ray 'As Above So Below' cd/lp/dd - Affairs of the Heart
When they were setting out to write their new six-song recording, Orenda Fink and Maria Taylor were intent to depart from their original sound; that lushly haunted, dreamy folk pop that was born twelve years ago with their self-titled debut. More like AZURE RAY in an alternate universe.” Longtime fans will be comforted to know that while in some ways As Above So Below is a departure, what isn’t left behind is that unmatched, dreamy essence that arises when Fink and Taylor harmonize. You know an AZURE RAY song when you feel it–it’s chilling and familiar, like a draft of wind on the heart. It’s a haunted dreamscape that’s so compelling and evocative it’s seen its way onto many soundtracks, appropriately as the protagonist is falling in or out of love. AZURE RAY captures expertly that fuzzy feeling, the unknowns of the beginnings and the deterioration of the endings, they are guides through the dark corridors and unknown passages of the heart.

September 10th 2012 - Boy Omega - 'Night Vision' cd/lp – Tapete Records
Boy Omega’s unique brand of pop is at once fragile, vibrant and wholehearted, and has drawn comparison to the likes of Elliott Smith, Sparklehorse, Arcade Fire,Sufjan Stevens, Iron & Wine and Bright Eyes. The songs are about the frailty of life and the strength of love, dark memories and companions, displacement, getting lost and trying to get back to where and who you want to be, quit taking those pills, getting married, becoming a father and finding a reason to live. '..a master of light and shade' - Uncut Magazine

September 10th 2012 - Sone Institute ' A Model life' cd/dd - Front & Follow
A Model Life brings Roman Bezdyk’s unique and ambitious style out to play again with instantly familiar loops, mid-bar trips and assorted quirk - a soundtrack to a world that doesn’t exist (and perhaps shouldn’t). The album features a host of guest appearances including Nil Frahm, Dale Grundle (The Sleeping Years/ Catchers) and Katie Inglish (Isnaj Dui).The stunning artwork is by Nick Cobb, from his photo series ‘The Car Park’. 

September 3rd 2012 - Trin Tran 'Dark Radar' - lp vinyl only - God? Records
“Dark Radar” is a sound you didn’t know you were waiting for. But you were. Now dance! Recorded in 2002 and 2003, made up into a couple different CD-Rs and then burned and given away. Lost and found on the internet. Finding Trin Tran himself and getting all these tracks gathered together took a little bit of time, which only made the whole thing that much radder. Collected junk, forgotten stuff. Trin Tran’s “Dark Radar” is the first release on the God? label, which is a Ty Segall Presents-sort-of-deal. The desire is to get out a record here and there, things that ought to be hashed and rehashed by heads and ears that are waiting for music that’s gotta be out there – the more out the better.God? promises no rules, just rocks. Look for more soon.

August 27th 2012 - Camera 'Radiate!' cd/lp/dd - Bureau B Records
Camera’s musical spectrum ranges from driving motorik rock to serene, epically flowing tracks by way of foreboding soundscape ridges. In other words: it can be right in your face or elsewhere in interstellar spheres, where time and space have no meaning; cosmic/kosmische music! One can clearly hear the influence of their paragons, NEU!, Harmonia, Cluster and La Düsseldorf.

August 20th 2012 - Colin Wilson/ Anthony Reynolds - ‘A World of Colin Wilson’ cd/dd - Rocket Girl 
Colin Henry Wilson is a prolific English writer who first came to prominence as a philosopher and novelist associated with the "Angry Young Men" of British literature, alongside Kingsley Amis and John Braine. He has had a particular impact upon musicians. David Bowie, Robert Fripp and Julian Cope have all acknowledged their interest in his work and now Anthony Reynolds, founding member of the groups Jack and Jacques. This record features Texts by Colin Wilson recorded by Anthony with music and noise added later by A.R, Martin Carr and the Spanish group La Muneca De sal.

July 30th 2012-  Charles Douglas 'Not Your Kind of Music - The Basement Tapes 1995-1999' 2xcd/dd - Broken Horse. 
C ontinues the baffling and addictive musical journey of Charles Douglas. It compiles two previously released albums (The Burdens of Genius and Minor Wave) with two impossible-to-find cassette-only releases (The Spiders Are Getting Bigger and Haunting & Daunting) to create a 67 track (yes, you read that correctly) lo-fi odyssey. Had it not been for bad timing, mental illness, rampant drug abuse, and a penchant for burning bridges, Charles Douglas might be thought of today as a songwriter on par with Stephen Malkmus, Beck, Daniel Johnston, Robert Pollard, and other members of the indie-rock aristocracy.

July 23rd 2012 - Laetitia Sadier 'Silencio' cd/lp/dd - Drag City

It’s been 2 years since we took THE TRIP with Laetitia Sadier. Her first true solo album since exiting the bedrooms of Monade, THE TRIP breathed freshly and deeply as both a personal homage to life’s journey and as a grieving process for the separations that are unavoidable within it. Born from a similar, natural need for stillness as well as agitation, Laetitia now delivers her follow-up LP, SILENCIO — an album exploring the individual connection to a deeper self placed in a broader environment, in a similarly fresh kind of way.

July 3rd - Moebius & Tietchens cd/lp/dd - Bureau B
Asmus Tietchens and Dieter Moebius are two artists counted among the greats of German avant-garde electronic music. Both have been active for well over thirty years: Moebius (since 1970) as a member of Kluster/Cluster and Harmonia, as a solo musician and working within numerous collaborations (Brian Eno, Mani Neumeier, Conny Plank, Mayo Thompson to name a few), and Tietchens (since 1976) almost exclusively as a solo artist, beginning in the fields of electronic music and musique concrète and later mainly in the realm of abstract music. “Moebius+Tietchens” is their first collaboration in 35 years.

June 18th - Blues Control - 'Valley Tangents' cd/lp/dd - Drag City
There's a new muse at the house of Blue's Control. Yes, mother nature! Now located in the Woodstock of east Pennsylvania, Lehigh Valley,Blue's Control conceived Valley Tangents far from the madding crowds they'd previously swarmed with and composed among. Could this be the reason for the home-grown, natural feel of the music, with the metronomical hissing of summer mosquito-bots behind their signature Debussy via Guaraldi qua Bley qua Hornsby pianisms, and the playful juxtapositions of a full spectrum of rock colors: stadium, industrial, psych and prog (to name just a few)?

June 18th -  Silver Jews 'Early Times' cd/lp/dd - Drag City 
Flow on, silver juice, flow on…into the vein-streams of the nu generation via 90s clas-sics like American Water and Starlite Walker and thence to the new century. 
The songs lodged here are the tracks from the original 7” EP “Dime Map of the Reef” and the 12”EP The Arizona Record, documenting the telepathic counter-intuition be-tween these singers who went into such specific different directions later in life. “Trillion Story Walkup” aficionados and apologists know that there’s loads more from these muddy wells, enough so that we might well get around to another dose, another couple sides of Silver Jews early times before too long.

June 4th - Don Niño - 'In The Backyard Of Your Mind' - cd/lp/dd - InFinéon 

For the past two years, fragments of guitar patterns, keyboard lines and looping mantras have been merging together within the wilderness of Don Niño's mind, reminiscent of the calm turmoil dreams are made of. 'In The Backyard Of Your Mind' is a radiant, restless record, composed single-handedly but with the occasional help of Mitch Pires (NLF3), Lori Chun Berg (Berg Sans Nipple, Herman Düne), his brother F.Lor (Yann Tiersen, DirtyThree) as well as Don Niño’s kindred spirit Luke Sutherland (Long Finn Killie, currently active member of Scottish band Mogwai)

May 28th - Pieter Nooten - ‘Surround Us’ - cd/lp/dd - Rocket Girl 
one of the original members of Clan of Xymox and former collaborator with Michael Brook, Nooten brings us the astounding acoustic and organic sounding masterpiece of lap top composition. Far beyond the clichés of contemporary electronica, Nooten squeezes heart wrenching melancholia - beautifully executed, honest and intimate - out of the 'digital box' in collaboration with the sensitive and intuitive playing of improv cellist Lucas Stam. An album briming with vitality, humanity, pain, passion and sweet, sweet melancholia

May 21st - Füxa - ‘Electric Sound of Summer’ cd/lp/dd - Rocket Girl 
A decade in the making, Füxa (comprising Randall Nieman, alongside Tom Meade and special guests) returns with nine songs of supercharged seasonal splendor. 'Electric Sound of Summer' is perhaps Nieman’s most cohesive record yet, in that the ever-present swirling synthesisers and uplifting melodies have been perfectly blended to form a new kind of pop music. It is at once heart-warming and goosebump-inducing – an album of stirring contrasts. Sophisticated guitar and piano lines share the sonic canvas with childlike, playful electronic experiments, evoking a spirit of both sun-blind optimism and wistful tranquillity.

April 30th - The Nightingales - 'No Love Lost' cd/lp/dd - Cooking Vinyl

Born out of Birmingham's original punk group The Prefects, the Nightingales have stubbornly ploughed their own furrow in the field of alternative rock n roll for three decades. Described in John Robb's definitive post punk biography 'Death To Trad Rock' as "the misfits' misfits", the band has constantly garnered praise and respect from other artists and received endless glowing press reports, particularly for their live shows. Led by singer/lyricist Robert Lloyd ('The most underestimated songwriter of his generation' according to Ben Thompson in the Independent) the latest incarnation of the Nightingales - the best batch yet - release their new album "No Love Lost" (COOKCD557) on Cooking Vinyl in April 2012.

April 23rd - Ty Segall and White Fence 'Hair' cd/lp/dd - Drag City 
Whether you’re walking, rolling and tumbling, flying, driving your car, or sitting still and meditating, wherever you go, Hair you are. You don't always see the wild mystery that comes with everyday life on this rock, but your connection to the Eternal is always present. You just can't see it. Today, you’re in luck - up to your frontal eye-lobes in luck. Ty Segall & White Fence have thrown their x-ray vision upon you and see the blood rocking through your veins and all the blood vessels in your brain. They can see them…

April 9th - Junior Electronics ' Musostics' cd/lp/dd - Bureau B 
Junior Electronics is the solo work of musician and sound engineer Joe Watson. Joe has played keyboards with Stereolab since 2004 and engineered their last three albums. He has also worked with The High Llamas, Monade, Mary Hampton, John Cunningham and others. He runs the studio flipflop in his hometown Brighton.

March 26th - Alasdair Roberts & Mairi Morrison 'Urstan' cd/lp/dd - Drag City 
Urstan is an Isle of Lewis-specific word for a celebration held at the birth of a new child. A dram of whisky, basically. Most of the tracks here are traditional Gaelic songs, with a few Scots songs and self-written tracks too, all arranged in new ways by an ensemble including Stevie Jones (bass), Alastair Caplin (fiddle) and Alex Neilson (drums). Urstan features guest appearances from such Glasgow music scene luminaries as Michael John McCarthy (Zoey Van Goey), David McGuinness (Concerto Caledonia), Ross MacRae and Richard Merchant (Second Hand Marching Band), Peter Nicholson (The One Ensemble), Mike Hastings (Trembling Bells) and Gaelic song and piobiareachd authority Allan MacDonald. Mairi Morrison comes from Bragar on the Isle of Lewis . Alasdair Roberts is a non-Gaelic speaking Lowlander, a folk singer and writer of songs who has a growing interest in Gaelic culture.

March 26th Salim Nourallah 'Hit Parade' cd/lp/dd - Tapete Records
In Austin's legendary Treefort Studio, Salim assembled an all-star cast of musicians: Buttercup's Joe Reyes, Apples In Stereo's John Dufilho and The Polyphonic Spree's Jason Garner. The Salim Nourallah Treefort Five. They cut things on the fly, worked fast and loose, and came up with a beautiful set of recordings. Listen to it once, you'll get it.

March 26th - Doug Tielli 'Swan Sky Sea Squirrel' cd/dd/lp - Tin Angel Records 
The brother of Martin (Rheostatics) and John (Rock Plaza Central), Doug has become a fixture of Toronto’s underground music scene, using his talents in a variety of local acts such as The Silt, Drumheller, and The Reveries, alongside contemporaries such as Ryan Driver and Eric Chenaux. This is his debut album and like many before him, the album is the result of furrowing away into the darkest depths, the vast dark, letting go and re-gifting the light to us. Having recorded his album via borrowed means using only instruments readily available from an artist retreat on Toronto Island; Tielli set up an old school portable to record his album, with no concept in mind, ‘Swan Sky Sea Squirrel’ comprises intricate ballads that are intrinsic to the island. Painting an audio aesthetic for the listener the record encompasses drowsy folk rock reminiscent of Silt.

March 19th - Kevin Tihista ' On This Dark Street' cd/lp/dd - Broken Horse Records 

Recorded quicky, over a 5-6 week period, in intense 2-3 day sessions in the studio, 'On This Dark Street' may prove to be Kevin’s finest work to date. Gloriously bleak, deliciously dark and with his trademark gallows humour firmly in place, it’s hard to imagine a more affecting album will be released in 2012. Kevin Tihista has probably heard of the likes of Bill Callahan and Mark Eitzel but I very much doubt he’s heard their music. 'On This Dark Street' finds him camping on their lawn

March 5th - Sophia Knapp - 'Into The Waves' - LP/CD & digital download - Drag City
Sophia Knapp's debut as a solo artist, her first record outside the Lights/Cliffie Swan enclave that she has performed in over the past five years. Her music during that time has taken a variety of forms, all of which have a strong, almost magical undercurrent of spirituality – anything that resonated inside. All these directions indicated a myriad of paths to follow Into the Waves. However, after some time with the songs, Sophia realized that an effective blend of acoustic and synthetic sounds provided a framework for what she was looking for: a contemporary vocal pop record a la Stevie Nicks & Francoise Hardy, cool toned and shady with a relaxed vibe and an eye towards R n B.

February 27th - Pinhead Nation 'Luck Had Nothing To Do With It' cd/lp/dd - Onomatopoeia -
17 years after beginning to record their first album, Pinhead Nation are now ready to release it. After all the genre shifting, voice lifting and style raiding in the music scene of the last decades, we’re ready for it. A unique, energetic and unexpected contribution to the ongoing saga that is popular music. Its 13 songs are punky, poppy, angry, funny, fast, loud, quiet and always changing. It’s intense. You’ll probably need a lie down afterwards. Produced by Bic Hayes (Cardiacs, Levitation, Dark Star) between1994 and 2011. It was edited and mixed by Bic and Tim Smith at Tim’s Apollo 8 studio in Wiltshire.

February 27th - Qluster - 'Antworten' cd/lp/dd - Bureau B
“Antworten” (“answer”) is the third instalment in a trilogy of Qluster music, following on from the “Fragen” (“question”) and “Rufen” (“call”) studio albums. The fact that the music on “Antworten” was created before “Rufen” and “Fragen” were recorded is less of a paradox than it might at first appear. For the expansive piano fantasies of their 2007 recordings had already provided a clear answer to the two musicians’ question as to whether, and to what degree, they wished to collaborate in the future. Seldom has a musical duo been so united in heart and soul as Roedelius and Bock that January of evening in 2007. Their improvised nocturnes on two Steinways in the Berliner Philharmonie were delectable.

February 13th - Roedelius 'Plays Piano' cd/lp/dd - Bureau B 
Born in Berlin in 1934. Co-founder of Berlin’s first free art studio, the Zodiak Arts Lab (1967), he was also a founder member of various groups, namely Human Being, Kluster, Cluster, Harmonia, Tempus Transit and Lunzprojekt. He played on around 160 record productions either as a soloist or with band projects. Collaborations with artists all over the world, including Brian Eno, Holger Czukay, Susumu Hirasawa, Tim Story, Dieter Moebius, Michael Rother, Stefan Schneider, and Lloyd Cole. Breathtakingly beautiful piano fantasies from the year 1985 – released for the very first time!

February 6th - Ulrich Schnauss & Mark Peters - 'Underrated Silence' cd/lp/dd - Bureau B 
Ulrich Schnauss, engineer, keyboard player and an in-demand remixer - Mark Peters, bass player, guitarist, vocalist and songwriter in the British band Engineers. A quiet album for the most part. Its multi-layered fabric reveals something new every time one listens to it, a wealth of fresh discoveries, new rhythms emerging from the sound cloud, hitherto unnoticed melodies illuminating the background. Schnauss and Peters have crafted music which is enchanting in the truest sense of the word, shimmering sounds, floating echoes, rhythmically reverberant chords which wrap themselves around the listener, lifting him into a state of suspension and carrying him gently away.

January 30th - 'January Songs' by Darren Hayman - 31 Song Double CD and Digital Download -  Belka Records Via Cargo 
Limited to 1500. Every single sleeve hand drawn. During January 2011 Darren Hayman wrote a song for every day of the month. Each day not only included the writing of a song, but also it’s recording and the making of a video, and an online diary. Co-writes and collaborations include Allo Darlin, The Wave Pictures, Terry Edwards, Ballboy and many more. The physical release of this project comes in a beautiful gatefold sleeve with printed inner bags. Every single sleeve has been hand drawn by Darren. Every page of Darren’s journal as well as 31 song videos and 31 video diaries can be seen at 

There will be gigs to accompany the albums release throughout January 2012.

January 30th - Black Bananas 'Rad Times Xpress IV' cd/lp/dd - Drag City - Download links and cd promos available on request. After three albums under the name RTX, Jennifer Herrema and her bunch decided to flip the script, to kick open the doors of perception a little bit . Black Bananas is set for the next all-inclusive rock and roll crusade, the one that includes even and especially all the shit you don't like, woven into all the shit you can’t live without. This has been the name of Jennifer's game from day one;  a pioneer of comprehensive non-exclusive opposition rock, and Black Bananas is the latest addition to the oeuvre.

January 30th - The Soft Hills - 'The Bird Is Coming Down To Earth' cd/lp/dd - Tapete
A Seattle band with an appreciation for experimentation and harmony, their songs draw from a wide range of influences from folk to psychedelic to ambient, drawing on literary influences, and incorporating experiences from dreams and visions. To listen to The Soft Hills' music is like wandering through a magical landscape where horse-like creatures run wild across velveteen fields and mythological birds soar under melancholy clouds. It is the band's love of space, melody and sonic exploration that shines through their compositions

January 16th - Me And Cassity 'Appearances' cd/lp/dd Tapete Records 
Dirk Darmstaedter is one of Germany’s underground pop heroes and the cofounder of the influential indie label Tapete Records 'Appearances' is Dirk’s 16th release, this one under the guise of alter ego Me and Cassity. With a crack lineup featuring drummer Lars Plogschties, bassist Ben Schadow, keyboardist Nikko Weidemann, the Me and Cassity group stormed through a five-day session at Le Chatelet studios right in Hamburg’s Altona neighborhood, creating this ten-song collection.It’s a wide panorama, and the moods range from sweet to passionate, pastoral to gritty, vulnerable to tough.  Sparkle and hum. Truth and grit. Appearances can be deceiving, but not this album

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